Louis Alloro, M.Ed., MAPP

Lou·is [loo-is]

A·lloro [uh-lohr-o]

I’m a change-agent, coach, culture-strategist and senior fellow at the Center for the Advancement of Wellbeing.

For nearly ten years, I’ve been at the forefront of organizational development by utilizing positive psychology to bring out the strengths in individuals and groups. My expertise includes leadership development, team building, change management, human capital energy audits, and organizational culture initiatives.

As one of the first one hundred people in the world with an advanced degree in applied positive psychology, I have been at the forefront of helping organizations and individuals achieve high potential using scientifically informed tools and strategies.

With my natural aptitude for change management, I can quickly assess structures and groups to identify gaps in learning and obstacles to growth. In doing so, I can then create a targeted plan for resolution, measuring the results along the way to adjust as needed.

My toolkit is stocked with the applied sciences of wellbeing, success, neurobiology, biomimicry, appreciative inquiry multiple intelligences (including systems theories), positive organizational design, and mindfulness.

my-bookshelf-1I am the Cofounder and Executive Director of the Certificate in Applied Positive Psychology (CAPP) program.The program is a deep dive into the science of human flourishing and designed for change-agents of all kinds to hone their skills and become more effective at motivating and empowering others.

While earning my Masters degree in Applied Positive Psychology from the University of Pennsylvania, I created a framework for how communities evolve using SOcial-eMOtional (SOMO) leadership.

The SOMO theory of change is simple: by leveraging SOcial-eMOtional Leaders within social and professional networks – and giving them learning lab experiences to build psychological muscle – we effect positive and sustainable changes in how people think and behave that extend back to the leaders’ work groups, families, and regions, giving lots of people SO’MO of what they want in life.

For three years after graduating Penn, I worked on SOMO Leadership Labs as a city-wide intervention piloted in Cleveland, Ohio. We ran learning labs in businesses, schools, community groups, living rooms, public parks, bars, and more. It was truly a remarkable learning experience and I met some amazing social-emotional leaders and learned a lot about who and what “the work” is.

I currently live in Philadelphia, the city of Brotherly Love, with my pup, Ryder. I travel often to find sun, sand, and exciting, collaborative opportunities all over the world.

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