Author: Louis J. Alloro, M.Ed., MAPP

01 Mar A new website is birthed:

...after a long and intense, 2-year+ pregnancy. Wow, did I learn a lot about vision, strategy, editing, and timing in this process. Thank you to everyone who stuck with me through the labor . . . surely, I needed an epidural, or ten. Kevin Gillespie for his aesthetic heart. A friend, designer and illustrator who I trust with my brand (the serotonin you see as people) and my life (a tattoo saying "I choose love" now appears on my right calf). Julie Lazarus for her design aesthetic, her patience, and her love. An innovator, for sure, and a true blessing in my life. Charl Kroeger...

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25 Feb The best week of my life

My Facebook status update read: “Dreams coming true this week” and really, that’s just as I experienced it. I’m still savoring the best week of my life, which I spent in Cleveland, Ohio, starting on Valentine’s Day and ending six days later as I drove back home to New York last Saturday. A long drive on route 80, indeed, but with a big smile on my face and lots of oxytocin running through my body, it was A-Okay. Better than okay. Great! Dare I say, the best week of my life? I was there working on an intervention project called SOMO Leadership which...

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20 Feb I am not a life coach

Just wanted to clear something up: I am not a life coach. Well, I am a life coach, but I’m not just a life coach. I more like to consider myself a change-agent, enabling individuals and systems to create their own, positive growth. Essentially, I facilitate conversations and learning opportunities for people interested in creating their own, positive evolution. I do this by teaching people how to (1) think about how they think, (2) get clear about what they want, and (3) dance. I realize some of those words look/sound strange: change-agent, enabling, evolution. But much of this learning is about incorporating...

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