Author: Louis J. Alloro, M.Ed., MAPP


17 Jun Employee Engagement Strategies That Work: How ‘Bout That?

One of the best parts of my job is getting to work in all sorts of organizations as a consultant on leadership and organizational development. I work in places ranging from schools to health care systems to fortune 500 companies. My anecdotal observation across the board is in alignment with Gallup poll research on employee engagement which shows disengagement as high. In 2015, the percentage of U.S. workers in 2015 who Gallup considered engaged in their jobs averaged 32%. The majority (50.8%) of employees were "not engaged," (a concept called presenteeism suggests people show up but are largely absent) while another...

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16 May I’m speaking in Vancouver, July 9-10 at Masters of the Universe Conference

"Eleven amazing human beings will be each taking the stage. Messengers, motivators, trail-blazers, creators, inspirational ass-kickers… whatever you want to call them… they have each helped transform so many people’s lives, including my own." -Mark Groves, Host + Convener of Masters of the Universe Summit. I'm so honored to be one of the speakers! July 9-10 in Vancouver.  In this Weekend experience you will: Connect – Meet 200 likeminded and like hearted people who are all on a quest to make their lives better and contribute to this world in meaningful ways. Create – Connections with yourself, to your heart and what inspires you...

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Our deepest fear somo

31 Mar Fear of Putting Yourself Out There

I had to do some mental calisthenics in launching this site: First, there is so much to consider: Which picture is the best picture? How do I want to describe my offerings? How can I cull together the most powerful testimonials? Then, there are the polarities to balance from my ego to my heart. Polarities are interdependent variables pairs that coexist as energy systems where both are important, but not to the neglect of the other. Deciding to denote myself “Public Figure” on my Facebook professional page took a minute. Who am I to self proclaim public figure? “Oh, no, is this too much...

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29 Mar The Birth of a Brand:

Ladies and Gentleman, may I please humbly and appreciatively introduce you to my new home on the interwebs: Putting together a brand is damn hard work, especially when it’s a personal brand and especially when your life is your work. (Note: I am not living only to work; I navigate work & play quite nicely.) The truth is, though, I’ve been called to do what I do. Seriously. It’s a crazy feeling—to be called to your work; to be a part of something larger than yourself. It’s like participating in a theatrical production where everyone has a role to play on...

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22 Mar Courage to be Curious: Free Virtual Conference

I have been invited to present along with 11 other Thought & Wisdom Leaders in a global virtual conference: Game Changing Questions and How They Can Transform Your Life! This powerful event invites us all to think about how courageously and authentically we are living our lives and provides game changing tools and guidance for making the next shift. The event is free and registration opens on March 29th. Check it out! Want to participate? More info and register here....

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09 Mar Still a few spots left in CAPP PHL – begins 3/12

Still a few spots left. We start next Saturday, March 12. Join me for a wild and crazy ride through the science of human nature and behavior. Learn what motivates human behavior – inspired action – love – relationships – neurochemical connections – engagement – flow – meaning – vitality! Scientifically informed tools and strategies in a spiritual experience. ...

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01 Oct Wow, 8 years.

Linkedin reminds me that it's my 8 year work anniversary of being a social entrepreneur in the positive psychology, mindfulness, wellbeing space. (We didn't even use the word wellbeing in 2008.) I've worked primarily as a solopreneur and then on a city-wide initiative (born out of my Master's capstone) called SOMO Leadership Labs, a dream come true. SOMO was an experiment. We landed in Cleveland Ohio for a beautiful bit of transformative time with lots of real data, positive outcomes, and friends for life. So many. Most recently, I've joined The Flourishing Center and I get to work every day with my best friend Emiliya Zhivotovskaya and...

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09 Sep Registering CAPP in 7 Cities!

Join us in one of seven cities (NY, San Fran, Chicago, Boston, DC, Toronto, and Philly) this fall (my class in Philadelphia starts this coming Saturday) for a personal and professional development experience that is sure to knock your socks off! Calling anyone who works or lives with other people: come learn the science of human nature and behavior and impact your own life in such a way that you impact others!  ...

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