Author: Louis J. Alloro, M.Ed., MAPP


08 Sep A Questionably Good Summer

I remember it being early July when a friend said, “I follow you on Facebook and it looks like you’re having an amazing summer.” Truth was – I wasn’t. I remember being in a space of real self-struggle, hard core. But apparently my appearance was otherwise, at least on social media. Then it made me remember just how fake all of this online stuff actually is. We see an image of someone else’s life and we make a story up about that person. Sometimes, the story makes us feel worse about ourselves –ugh-- as if to suggest that someone else’s life may be...

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03 Sep Philadelphia Change-Agents – join the ULab!

Ready for something different, bigger, better? Ready to address local concerns with global frameworks and tools? Ready to amplify your individual purpose and put it to best use in the world? Calling all people who have energy around real collective impact and want to deepen and apply Theory U for real change. You are invited to connect & take inspired action with other like-minded (and hearted) change-agents in greater Philadelphia who share a vision that things can be different, better, more sustainable with greater alignment and integration of our strengths. Theory U is framework for profound change in times of disruption out of MIT. Otto...

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02 Sep What I learn in teaching positive psychology + gratitude to CAPP6 Philadelphia

I am so in awe. Awe ô/ noun 1. 
a feeling of reverential respect We just completed the first cohort of CAPP in Philadelphia. Wow, what an amazing bunch of extra-ordinary hu/man be~ings. Really. Wow. I always knew they were special. In fact, when we started the class in March, an intuitive told me that many of us traveled together in former lives. For some of you, this sounds funny. For us, though, it resonates. Just imagine the good travel buddies (I hope) you have in this life (you know, the ones you have that make “vacation” easy breezy and funnnn) and multiply that...

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28 Jul Why Social Connection is So Important

My youngest nephew Max is getting ready to leave for college. The other day, I overheard my sister telling him, “Everyone gets homesick.” Maybe we all know the heartache that comes from homesickness? Or the agony of bereavement? Or the pain of being shunned from the crowd? This is part of the hard lifestuff that positive psychology tools and strategies can help us navigate. According to research by Cacioppo & Patrick, loneliness is a subjective state. “Feeling lonely does not mean that we have deficient social skills. Problems arise when feeling lonely makes us less likely to employ the skills we have.” In...

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17 Jun Current BIO!

Lou·is [n. loo-is] A·lloro [uh-lohr-o], M.Ed., MAPP is a change-agent working with individuals and organizations to enable positive evolution, even through the most difficult challenges. He is one of the first 100 people in the world to earn a Master of Applied Positive Psychology from the University of Pennsylvania. For his second Master degree in the Foundations of Education, he studied power, identity, and voice. Louis is cofounder and director of a 6-month Certificate in Applied Positive Psychology (CAPP) program (now in 7 cities!), designer of a city-wide, positive mental health intervention called SOMO Leadership Labs, and a senior fellow at George Mason...

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04 Jun Here is my entrance application to the Master of Applied Positive Psychology (MAPP) program at Upenn (2007)

The essay that changed my life . . . For some time now, I have been thinking that I when my time comes, I’d like my tombstone to read, “It feels good to feel good” – simply because it does. I have learned this lesson through my education, life experiences, trials, tribulations, and everything in between on my constant search for the “good life.” However, I still remain puzzled as to why or how some people never adopt this way of life, why some people remain victims of their own dysfunctions, why some people live life spewing a negative energy that increasingly...

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05 Apr A quotably quoted Easter Sunday throwback to 2008!

  I wrote this in 2008. I lifted it from my MAPP capstone project, the final requirement for my advanced degree in applied positive psychology from the University of Pennsylvania. Social-emotional (SOMO) Leadership was just an idea in 2008 and I was ready to take some social-emotional leadership at that year's family Easter!   I realized the need for social-emotional leadership within my own network a few years ago when I saw one of the youngest members of our clan exhibiting some troubling behaviors on Easter. This young boy joined the men in the family room in a friendly betting pool that my Uncle Charlie,...

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31 Mar Written by one of my students, inspired by our class

There Is A Place There is a place Where pain is a seed, Where Soul attends To Self and its needs. Where thinking and doing Are effortlessly right. Insight and compassion Hold us, irrevocably, As moon holds the night. The brain sprouts thoughts, As the ocean makes waves, And the dawn falls forward Through close of the day. Where the nature of things Is open and free - And love flows Between us Spontaneously. Soften, soothe, Accept what is, Be kind to others, Attend to your needs. Here I am the sun, the stars, A little boy - For sky has clouds, Trees have leaves, and I am freaking out with joy. Craig Stanton is a student of mine at George Mason University in the Leadership & Wellbeing...

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