11 Feb Keys to Optimizing Relationships

We are social-beings. Psychologist Jonathan Haidt calls us “hive creatures.” Like bees, we need each other for optimal functioning. Sometimes we are self-focused, other times we are other-focused. Like most things in life, we need a balance of both. Above all else, our deepest sense of our true self is continuously formed in connection with others. Research shows good relationships with others may be the single most important source of life satisfaction and emotional well-being. This is true across different ages and cultures. Conversely, when people recall bad events, the majority remark that those bad times have to do with relationship...

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01 Feb “Bee-Ing” The Change With Intention & Love

Changes As we enter a new era in the American political landscape, the promise of change is in the air, as Derrick Carpenter so eloquently says. Like all promises, though, this one can lead to false expectations if we fail to recognize that lasting change has to come from within each of us, individually. It is a choice. Dave Shearon’s simple framework “to happier” helps create a positive intention: Hi, my name is Louis, I want to be happier and I’m willing to work on it. John Yeager’s piece takes this intention to will and says that while wishing is important, developing new habits...

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19 Jan Who Doesn’t Need A Coach?

BOSTON, MA      “Who doesn’t need a coach?” is the question I am left pondering after attending this weekend’s sold-out conference presented by Harvard Medical School and McLean Hospital, its largest psychiatric affiliate (September 26-27, 2008). “Coaching: A New Horizon – Theory, Emerging Evidence, & Practice” ( attracted nearly 500 professional researchers, medical doctors, psychiatrists, psychotherapists, teachers, and yes, coaches, from around the world. The two-day event brought together seminal theorists and practitioners to build an intellectual and evidenced-based foundation for the emerging field of coaching psychology. The initiative is designed to bridge the ivory-towered field of positive psychology to the profession...

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14 Jan The Year of Hope!

With so much talk of mavericks last year, I have been reflecting on who really fits that bill. Is it Barack Obama for becoming the first African American president? Harvey Milk for following a civil rights dream? Was it Mother Teresa who touched the lives of people no one else wanted to help? Pope Benedict, whose visit to the US this year re-inspired many Catholics to their faith? Who are mavericks closer to home? Was it my Nana Teeney, my paternal grandmother, who graduated from New York University in 1939 as part of the first class of coed graduates? Is it...

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08 Jan How to get a job in 2009

Time to get creative, people: A coach can help you think outside the box--creating the pathways you will need to get what you want!...

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05 Jan January 1: Grub, Good friends, and Goal-Setting

Interestingly, it wasn’t New years eve that captured my attention this year, but New Years Day instead. I spent January 1 with some good friends – brunching and goal setting, as we looked forward to a new year with abundance, hope, and possibility. My friend Dina and I were scheduled to run a short race in Central Park at midnight on New Years eve. But because of the near-zero temperatures in New York City, we bailed last minute for a dinner party instead. The real fun, though, came the next day, when we invited some friends to Dina’s in the East...

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