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15 Nov Tap Into the Power of Gratitude

Louis Alloro is a change-agent working with individuals and organizations to enable positive evolution, even through the most difficult challenges. He is one of the first 100 people in the world to earn a Master of Applied Positive Psychology from the University of Pennsylvania and holds a second master's degree in the Foundations of Education. In this episode we look at the power of gratitude as well as recommendations for positivity and peace during the holiday season. Listen to Podcast Here Original Publication on Here...

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02 Nov I Choose Love

In every moment of every day, and there are 20,000 moments in a given day, we are all making decisions, often below our levels of conscious awareness: is this moment a *potential* opportunity or is it a potential *threat*? Think about it: we stand in the present moment and predict the future. Enter: our negativity and confirmation biases, among others, and we have a shit show for our experience . . . which we can be more in control of when we build this muscle called mindfulness. Awareness. Choice. Abundance. All thoughts boil down to two roads: LOVE or FEAR. Serotonin or Cortisol. Which...

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15 Oct More Than A

There is a link between gratitude and an emotionally fulfilling life, personal growth, forgiveness, hope, optimism and even global positive effect.   [pdf-embedder url=""]...

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01 Oct Wow, 8 years.

Linkedin reminds me that it's my 8 year work anniversary of being a social entrepreneur in the positive psychology, mindfulness, wellbeing space. (We didn't even use the word wellbeing in 2008.) I've worked primarily as a solopreneur and then on a city-wide initiative (born out of my Master's capstone) called SOMO Leadership Labs, a dream come true. SOMO was an experiment. We landed in Cleveland Ohio for a beautiful bit of transformative time with lots of real data, positive outcomes, and friends for life. So many. Most recently, I've joined The Flourishing Center and I get to work every day with my best friend Emiliya Zhivotovskaya and...

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09 Sep Registering CAPP in 7 Cities!

Join us in one of seven cities (NY, San Fran, Chicago, Boston, DC, Toronto, and Philly) this fall (my class in Philadelphia starts this coming Saturday) for a personal and professional development experience that is sure to knock your socks off! Calling anyone who works or lives with other people: come learn the science of human nature and behavior and impact your own life in such a way that you impact others!  ...

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08 Sep A Questionably Good Summer

I remember it being early July when a friend said, “I follow you on Facebook and it looks like you’re having an amazing summer.” Truth was – I wasn’t. I remember being in a space of real self-struggle, hard core. But apparently my appearance was otherwise, at least on social media. Then it made me remember just how fake all of this online stuff actually is. We see an image of someone else’s life and we make a story up about that person. Sometimes, the story makes us feel worse about ourselves –ugh-- as if to suggest that someone else’s life may be...

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03 Sep Philadelphia Change-Agents – join the ULab!

Ready for something different, bigger, better? Ready to address local concerns with global frameworks and tools? Ready to amplify your individual purpose and put it to best use in the world? Calling all people who have energy around real collective impact and want to deepen and apply Theory U for real change. You are invited to connect & take inspired action with other like-minded (and hearted) change-agents in greater Philadelphia who share a vision that things can be different, better, more sustainable with greater alignment and integration of our strengths. Theory U is framework for profound change in times of disruption out of MIT. Otto...

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