26 Jan Something Special Happening in Midland, MI

In 2012, I co-founded a certification program in applied positive psychology (CAPP)**, the science of human wellbeing and flourishing. It’s now 2018 and I have a special opportunity to teach a special section of CAPP in Midland, Michigan. Our first of seven onsite meetings was last week and I’m in the afterglow of this specialness -- the novelty, inspiration and possibility. There are so many reasons why what we are doing in Midland is special. First, a special shout out to Kathy Snyder, a MAPP grad and colleague who lives and works in Midland and has been a key contributor to...

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24 May Join Louis at TEDxCheltenham!

Change Agents turn their passions into actions that further the greater good, inspiring others to do the same. The locally, regionally and nationally recognized speakers at the inaugural TEDxCheltenham will deliver their ideas worth sharing to our community as we co-create a bright future. For more information, click here. For tickets, click here.  ...

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19 Sep Is Positive Psychology Burning You Out?

Interview with Louis Alloro published by Michelle McQuaid on Psychology Today and Huffington Post If you’re someone who practices positive psychology and wellbeing and shares these approaches with others, it seems reasonable to hope that one of the perks of your work would be to more consistently flourish. After all you’re immersed in the research, you’re more likely to know what works and chances are you’re making a positive difference as you share these ideas with others. So why might positive psychology practitioners be burning out? “My data suggests about a third of wellbeing practitioners have higher levels of stress and depression than...

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23 Jul A Caring Kick in the A*S for Pos Psy Practitioners

first published on For nearly a decade, I’ve been working as a social entrepreneur in bringing positive psychology to the world – a practitioner in different iterations from an individual coach and organizational/leadership consultant, to working in a boutique firm with other coaches and consultants, as a systems interventionist working on community-wide initiatives leveraging other change-agents and now as a trainer-of-trainers offering certifications in the field. During all of this time I have realised that one of my favorite functions in the world is caring for the caretakers. This is why I’d love to share with you what I am learning...

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22 Jun Proud to partner at Cheltenham School District

I am so proud to be affiliated with with Cheltenham School district since September 2015. Many wins since then, including: adding mindfulness and positive psychology to pillars of the strategic plan; launching positive parenting and teaching workshops for adults; facilitating a "mindfulness month;" and inviting 20+ teachers into our certification program. It's been a healthy and vibrant partnership this year and I look forward to our next steps for student, teacher, and community wellbeing. [pdf-embedder url=""] ...

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08 Sep A Questionably Good Summer

I remember it being early July when a friend said, “I follow you on Facebook and it looks like you’re having an amazing summer.” Truth was – I wasn’t. I remember being in a space of real self-struggle, hard core. But apparently my appearance was otherwise, at least on social media. Then it made me remember just how fake all of this online stuff actually is. We see an image of someone else’s life and we make a story up about that person. Sometimes, the story makes us feel worse about ourselves –ugh-- as if to suggest that someone else’s life may be...

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05 Mar WE did it!

As I sit her preparing for the launch of the Certificate in Applied Positive Psychology (CAPP) program in Philadelphia this Saturday, I am filled with amazing gratitude. Gratitude for this awesome program and my beautiful friend and co-conspirator, Emiliya Zhivotovskaya who teaches me so much: she teaches me to hustle with heart, to learn with vigor and to live with integrity. It wasn’t that long ago that CAPP was just an idea and now, we are beginning with our first rollout outside the NYC market. It’s a good day! I am grateful for the 25 students who have registered to join this...

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19 Feb To my nearly 4,000 Facebook friends Re: My Entrepreneurial Passionate Plea

I post on Facebook a lot -- especially about my work. Maybe it’s too much for some of you <insert my sisters shaking their heads in agreement >, but for me it’s what I have got to do right now to survive as an entrepreneur. The way I figure is that I’ve got 4K people who have chosen to be friends with me on here. Maybe it’s because we went to third grade together—or danced at the Roxy one night long ago. Maybe it’s because you like my view of the world or share conviction that we can make a difference. Entrepreneurs...

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20 Jan What is a change-agent?

When I graduated with my MAPP degree in 2008, I didn't know what to call myself. We are practitioner of positive psychology, but that always seemed so wordy. Technically, I am not a positive psychologist because in academic hierarchy, you need a doctoral degree to be called a psychologist. Blah, blah I am a psychologist, just without a phd...

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20 Dec I am hosting in Philadelphia — U.Lab: Transforming Business, Society, and Self

MIT professor and author Otto Scharmer will be offering a free a six-week course called U.Lab: Transforming Business, Society, and Self. In it, we’ll learn how to create profound innovation in a time of disruptive change by leading from the emerging future. From the website: This highly experiential course is based on Theory U, a framework, method, and way of connecting to the more authentic aspects of our self. It introduces the variable of consciousness into management and the social sciences, and proposes that the quality of the results that we create in any kind of social system is a function...

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