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05 Jan How to Make 2017 a Success (Strategies Supported by Science)

Research shows that about 40-some percent of Americans typically make New Year’s resolutions, yet less than 10% are successful in achieving their desires. Here are some tips to be successful and sustainably so: Start with the end in mind - - What do you want to be thinking and feeling next December as you reflect back on the year? Take the time to imagine how it would be if you accomplished all of your heart’s desires. Consider your career, health, finances, romance, family, friends, community, fun and personal growth. If you need a writing prompt, try this: What do I hope to...

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26 Jan How are you?

I encourage you to up your emotional intelligence and find a word better than "good" or "bad" (sad, angry) to describe how you feel from moment to moment. Notice how it changes. And be mindful to think, "Part of my feels XYZ" as a way to create more space between feeling and being.  ...

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15 Sep I am taking a relationship systems coaching course this weekend —

-- called Fundamentals: an Introduction to Relationship Systems Coaching: "The two-day Organization and Relationship Systems Coaching Fundamentals course explores a ground breaking model for coaching teams, families, couples, and organizations. Whether your practice area is personal coaching, family therapy or business coaching, the ORSC model will change the way you work." [caption id="attachment_1396" align="alignleft" width="300"] Crowdsourcing a request for a pair/couple to coach this Saturday night (for free) as part of my course learning.[/caption] As part of this course, I need to coach a couple or pair over the phone, in person or SKYPE on this Saturday night, the 20th of September....

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19 Mar Super moon, super you

As one of my childhood friends said on Facebook tonight, Can't help but feel the gloriously luminous supermoon is all for me. Hello Mr. Moon! And why not? Why not think it's all for you? Not in an ego-filled way that taps your hubris, but in a loving way that rocks your self-efficacy: the belief that you can do whatever you want to do in the world. Cause when it's in line with your higher self, it's automatically a win-win. The triple bottom line, baby: people, planet, and profit. As we work on the SOMO Leadership movement in Cleveland, the thought pattern we...

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20 Feb I am not a life coach

Just wanted to clear something up: I am not a life coach. Well, I am a life coach, but I’m not just a life coach. I more like to consider myself a change-agent, enabling individuals and systems to create their own, positive growth. Essentially, I facilitate conversations and learning opportunities for people interested in creating their own, positive evolution. I do this by teaching people how to (1) think about how they think, (2) get clear about what they want, and (3) dance. I realize some of those words look/sound strange: change-agent, enabling, evolution. But much of this learning is about incorporating...

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