02 Aug 5 Strategies to Make the Most of Life Before Death

Last month, my brother in law, Mike, died after fighting a valiant fight with cancer. He was 54 years old. While Mike’s death was foreseen and we were each able to have special moments with a special man before he transitioned, it still does not take away the sadness of loss and the readjustment of “normal” life, both of which take time. My sister, her children and our entire family and friends have rallied together in a beautiful way; I am so grateful they are my tribe. While I’ve lost people in my life, including my brother at a young age,  never...

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Our deepest fear somo

31 Mar Fear of Putting Yourself Out There

I had to do some mental calisthenics in launching this site: First, there is so much to consider: Which picture is the best picture? How do I want to describe my offerings? How can I cull together the most powerful testimonials? Then, there are the polarities to balance from my ego to my heart. Polarities are interdependent variables pairs that coexist as energy systems where both are important, but not to the neglect of the other. Deciding to denote myself “Public Figure” on my Facebook professional page took a minute. Who am I to self proclaim public figure? “Oh, no, is this too much...

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14 Nov A Love Story with my new Puppy

[caption id="attachment_1426" align="alignleft" width="230"] Ryder in his first month with me. That bottom right pic is us in our Halloween costumes the day we met. Me as a Smurf and he as an octopus.[/caption] They say that if you’re thirty-five, which I am, and you have no kids, which I don’t, then you should get a dog, which I did -- this past weekend, seriously. Not just a dog but a 3-month-old cockapoo (that’s cocker spaniel + poodle) puppy (that’s a baby dog). He goes by “Ryder” and he’s super cute. I adopted Ryder from his first family in New York who...

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01 Jul My cousin’s wedding

I had the great honor of officiating at my cousin Susan and her 20+ yr BFF, Doug last night. Wedding was full of positivity and fun. Our family needed that. Towards the end, I did wonder if an Intervention crew was going to roll in and start filming, but it's all good. I come from lovely and loving people and I am grateful. Here's the ceremony I preformed - short and sweet. Few laughs, couple tears. My favorite part is that in their own nervousness perhaps, the bride and groom kept kissing -- and before I told them to! It is with...

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27 Jun On Pride.

I've been thinking about pride lately. Like what it means to have it - be it - own it - live it. Like note just on a float in a parade -but what it means to really feel it. Emotional connection is such a key ingredient to a well-lived-life because it leads to emotional contagion - yet I believe we've been conditioned to live with these low levels of cortisol; that the norm is negativity and without awareness, we just don't even realize it. What can the new norm be, should we choose? Opportunity, not threat -- for ourselves first. Awareness. Self-love. Honest...

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21 Mar If God Invited You To A Party by Hafiz

If God Invited you to a party And said, ‘Everyone In the ballroom tonight Will be my special Guest…’ How would you then treat them When you Arrived? Indeed, indeed! And I know There is no one in this world Who Is not upon His Jeweled Dance Floor Khwajeh Shams al-Din Muhammad Hafez-e Shirazi was a Persian mystic and poet. He was born sometime between the years 1310-1337 in Shiraz, Persia (now Iran)....

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