Social-Emotional Leadership


05 Apr A quotably quoted Easter Sunday throwback to 2008!

  I wrote this in 2008. I lifted it from my MAPP capstone project, the final requirement for my advanced degree in applied positive psychology from the University of Pennsylvania. Social-emotional (SOMO) Leadership was just an idea in 2008 and I was ready to take some social-emotional leadership at that year's family Easter!   I realized the need for social-emotional leadership within my own network a few years ago when I saw one of the youngest members of our clan exhibiting some troubling behaviors on Easter. This young boy joined the men in the family room in a friendly betting pool that my Uncle Charlie,...

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19 Feb To my nearly 4,000 Facebook friends Re: My Entrepreneurial Passionate Plea

I post on Facebook a lot -- especially about my work. Maybe it’s too much for some of you <insert my sisters shaking their heads in agreement >, but for me it’s what I have got to do right now to survive as an entrepreneur. The way I figure is that I’ve got 4K people who have chosen to be friends with me on here. Maybe it’s because we went to third grade together—or danced at the Roxy one night long ago. Maybe it’s because you like my view of the world or share conviction that we can make a difference. Entrepreneurs...

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11 Nov On Leadership

“Myth 2: Leadership is about individuals. In fact, leadership is a distributed or collective capacity in a system, not just something that individuals do. Leadership is about the capacity of the whole system to sense and actualize the future that wants to emerge.” ― C. Otto Scharmer, Leading from the Emerging Future: From Ego-System to Eco-System Economies...

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28 Aug Dear Cleveland —

[caption id="attachment_1386" align="alignright" width="150"] A rainbow over Cleveland; photo taken in 2012[/caption] Three years ago, I moved here from New York, NY here on an intuition: there was no formal invitation, no job waiting for me and my NYC friends thought I was crazy. I thought I was coming here to start a positive (r)evolution, but I quickly realized something had already begun, which drew me to this place. I have been honored to join and build with you. And now I’m leaving but I promise — it’s not you it’s me. No, seriously: you guys rock. Our relationship has always been complicated,...

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16 May Playgrounds, Gardens, Labs, FireStarters~

If you’ve been following me and the projects of Louis Alloro and Associates or SOMO Leadership Labs on any social media in recent weeks, you’ve realized that I have been here, there, and everywhere lately! Philadelphia! New York! Sayulita, Mexico! Oaxaca, Mexico! Cleveland! New Jersey! The playgrounds and experimental labs of my life and work have been expanding, integrating and bursting into new life in many locations and many ways in these weeks, so I thought I’d pause for a minute to fill you in. (Pausing to reflect, clarify and communicate is helpful for me *and* for all of us who...

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11 Apr My recent thinking —

This is a keynote presentation I gave last week in Oaxaca, Mexico at a conference that brings together social entrepreneurs from around the world working on cool ideas to solve the worlds' problems. Here's what I said (and my slides follow): This is my brother Todd (put up image of his picture and the year of his life 1971)—born 1971, probably a little taller than me – I wish you could hear his laugh --- a guy who knows pure joy and would get that ear to ear grin; lots of fun, handsome, confident, wise.…sooooo creative, a brilliant piano player, visual artist, a...

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25 Mar Before there was Positive Psychology —

I wrote this paper during my Masters in the Foundations of Education -- a year or so before I had discovered positive psychology (or as I like to think sometimes: how positive psychology found me). It was before I thought the words "SOcial-eMOtional leadership" -- I had a vision for it. I sensed/intuited the need. Rereading it now gives my life such a re-membered sense of meaning & purpose. Thank you for sharing it with me. ********* Louis J. Alloro March 18, 2006 CURR 534 Change Paper It is unfortunate that we have trained to believe that change can not happen – or at the very...

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04 Mar a family WIN!

[caption id="attachment_1174" align="alignleft" width="300"] These are my most beautiful parents on the night of their 50th wedding anniversary party, August 2013[/caption] I am a (maybe 'the') suitability zealot in our family. On holidays, I'm the one to take out a second pail to recycle all of the wine and water bottles we go through. I'm often given a hard time by the "powers-that-be" that it's just too much work on a day with such hustle and bustle. "But look," I'd say, "It's really not. Look how easy this is," as I'd affix a sign on the one pail that says "recycle...

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