28 Jan Signs of a Growth Mindset

1. Reaching out for help when you need it. Asking for help is a great sign of a growth mindset because it signifies you are curious. Inquiry is such a beautiful marker of positivity.  Ask for feedback. 2. Remembering that the victory is in the process not always the outcome.  Being especially “process oriented” helps you maintain a growth mindset. In wondering what strategies or steps could be most effective, you stay open to ideas you may have never tried before. Sure you want a good grade (the outcome) but you’d also like an effective process to get you there. 3. Shifting your language...

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20 Jul Spiraling Upwards

We are stardust Billion-year-old carbon We are golden Caught in the devil’s bargain And we’ve got to get ourselves Back to the garden (Joni Mitchell, 1969) As dynamic beings, the truth is that we change every second of everyday. Evolution is imminent too, and shaped by our own designs. But think about it: in which direction do we move? Are we growing? Are we learning? Are we moving in “upward spirals” to increased well- being, spiraling downward to worsened states, or just jittering in place with complacency? The downward spiral is a slippery slope that is much easier to gain speed on, while the upward...

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Morning Time Dance Party Philly

03 Feb Calling all Philadelphia-based Positive Psychology People + Friends

Join me and Pax Tandon for a morning time dance party (complete with DJ Reezey) and brunch on the 37th floor of Two Liberty over Center City on Sunday, February 26. 10 am Guided Mindfulness 10:30 am First Beat Drops 11:00 am Food is Served (concurrent to dancing, of course) Bottomless mimosas too! Get your tickets here (there are a limited amount of spots): http://ppmorningtimerave.bpt.me ...

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15 Oct More Than A

There is a link between gratitude and an emotionally fulfilling life, personal growth, forgiveness, hope, optimism and even global positive effect.   [pdf-embedder url="http://louisalloro.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/11/Live-Happy-Gratitdue-December-2014.pdf"]...

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03 Sep Philadelphia Change-Agents – join the ULab!

Ready for something different, bigger, better? Ready to address local concerns with global frameworks and tools? Ready to amplify your individual purpose and put it to best use in the world? Calling all people who have energy around real collective impact and want to deepen and apply Theory U for real change. You are invited to connect & take inspired action with other like-minded (and hearted) change-agents in greater Philadelphia who share a vision that things can be different, better, more sustainable with greater alignment and integration of our strengths. Theory U is framework for profound change in times of disruption out of MIT. Otto...

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07 Jan Synchronicity, serendipity – When you know you know!

Look what I just found - (somewhat randomly) - an email I wrote to Martin Seligman in 2007, right after I read the article in The New York Times (featuring Todd B. Kashdan) that first exposed me to Positive Psychology. I knew right then and there that Sunday afternoon standing in my apartment in Montclair, NJ that pos psych would be a big part of my life's journey and work. I wrote this email to Marty Seligman just days later. The synchronicities continue -- that article from the NYT was published 8 years ago TODAY. And I am now affiliated with Todd and others at theCenter...

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01 Dec Here’s a pic from my talk with Watson University students

[caption id="attachment_1440" align="alignright" width="600"] Here's a pic from my talk at Impact Hub Boulder last month. I was addressing social entrepreneurs, some from Watson University, on the PoPP (Power of Positive Psychology). On the screen is one of my fave quotes: “The illiterate of the 21st century will not be those who cannot read and write, but those who cannot learn, unlearn, and relearn.” (Alvin Tofler, Future Shock, 1971)[/caption]...

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12 Nov The Sleepless Ones

What if all the people who could not sleep at two or three or four in the morning left their houses and went to the parks what if hundreds, thousands, millions went in their solitude like a stream and each told their story what if there were old women fearful if they slept they would die and young women unable to conceive and husbands having affairs and children fearful of failing and fathers worried about paying bills and men having business troubles and women unlucky in love and those that were in physical pain and those who were guilty what if they all left their houses like a stream and the moon illuminated their way and they came, each one to tell their stories would these be the more troubled of humanity or would these be the more...

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11 Nov Honoring my Uncle on Veteran’s Day

[caption id="attachment_1417" align="aligncenter" width="640"] I'd like to honor my Uncle and God Father, Charlie Pane, who served in WWII and the Korean War. He then served New York City Police and his local fire department. In retirement, he drove a yellow school bus. This guy is a Vet through and through (School busses and battle fields can leave you with PTSD).  He just turned 84 last month, suffers a bit from Alzhiemer's, but always has a smile on his face when I see him. Love you Uncle Charlie. Thank you for your many years of varied service and for being...

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13 Oct Useful distinctions between helping, fixing, and serving

This Rachel Remen quote really speaks to me and I wanted to share it with you. (Thank you Anda Webb, my student in George Mason University's Advanced Coaching Program in Leadership and Well-Being, for bringing it to my attention.) Service is not the same as helping. Helping is based on inequality, it's not a relationship between equals. When you help, you use your own strength to help someone with less strength. It's a one up, one down relationship, and people feel this inequality. When we help, we may inadvertently take away more than we give, diminishing the person's sense of self-worth and...

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