How to Make 2017 a Success (Strategies Supported by Science)


05 Jan How to Make 2017 a Success (Strategies Supported by Science)

Research shows that about 40-some percent of Americans typically make New Year’s resolutions, yet less than 10% are successful in achieving their desires. Here are some tips to be successful and sustainably so:

  1. Start with the end in mind – – What do you want to be thinking and feeling next December as you reflect back on the year? Take the time to imagine how it would be if you accomplished all of your heart’s desires. Consider your career, health, finances, romance, family, friends, community, fun and personal growth. If you need a writing prompt, try this: What do I hope to have accomplished a year from now? How will that feel? What will that look like in terms of process, not just outcome?
  1. Keep your goals (and your thoughts, for that matter) in the affirmative – – Our brains don’t compute negation so when you think, “I don’t want stress” our brains think “I want stress.” Instead, say to yourself “I want high wellbeing” or better yet, put some future gratitude around it “I am so grateful to have high wellbeing.” Approach goals are easier to achieve than avoidance goals, so express resolutions in terms of something you want to move toward rather than something you want to move away from. For example, instead of thinking “I don’t want to eat sugar,” think instead, “I choose to eat foods that are healthy for my body.” It’s easier to live into this kind of intention.
  1. Practice self-care – – Remember, we are human beings not human doings. There are so many evidenced-based wellbeing practices that will support keeping your mind, body and spirit healthy in the new year — everything from mindfulness (including, but not limited to meditation), exercise, nutrition, hydration and sleep. Your wellbeing will be predictive of your success, I promise. Keep it paramount.

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