My work is about evolving, responsive processes, stages and iterations that are most directly relevant to your needs. What this means is that I work with you to cocreate solutions that exceed your expectations.



We have an array of opportunities to address attitude, perspective, interaction, conflict resolution and stress management among your organization’s stakeholders, fusing research-based theories, tools, frameworks, and language into the culture of the living, breathing organism that IS your organization.


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Impactful Communications Review: Words create worlds. I will work with SMEs to review annual reports, corporate communications and brand messaging to ensure recipients have a most positive experience with your intended communication plan.

Human Capital Energy Audit: An energy audit is an inspection, survey and analysis designed for energy maximization in a building. Traditionally, an energy audit involves recording various characteristics of the building envelope like the walls, ceilings, floors, doors, windows, etc. The Human Capital Energy Audit records various characteristics of the inner landscape: the people and processes that can lead to maximization of engagement in your organization. Research shows optimal engagement leads to efficiency, productivity, and profitability — and — that upwards of 70% of folks are disengaged with what they do. Our audit will assess the energy of your organization by using quantitative and qualitative measures designed to elicit a clear picture of human energy and capital.

Positive Culture Strategy: In response to organizational learning, this service proposes a range of strategic interventions and practical strategies to expand the well-being, engagement and satisfaction within your team in service of your mission.  I will work with your organizational stakeholders to facilitate, create, plan, and execute culture change strategies which employ best practices and empower your organization to feel engaged and alive.

FireStarter: An intentionally designed and open-space retreat for leadership at all levels to explore, experiment, and envision what the superorganism looks, feels, and acts like when it is optimally functioning. It is a place to play and plan with like-minded colleagues where the task is to broaden + build in service of real connecting around the best possible future of the “hive.” Perfect for work teams, departments, or entire organizations to rest, rejuvenate and move forward with inspired action. Customized designs.

Michael Teller

“Our architectural & engineering firm celebrated 25 years this year – & Louis provided us with a forward-thinking change process which enabled us to tap into a positive core & then envision the next 25 years. Louis is engaging & intuitive in his approach, all the while leveraging some really rigorous scientific research to support his methodology. This stuff works! Giving our employees the space to become more self-aware and attuned to well-being leads to personal growth & organizational development simultaneously. A complete win-win.”


– Mike Teller




Are you having problems with money, relationships, body or health, job or career, becoming more successful, happier, or just making sense of the world?


I can help you overcome obstacles and solve problems by identifying strengths, facilitating dialogue, and instilling the habits and dynamics necessary for positive and sustainable change.


I coach individuals to reach high levels of actualization, purpose and success—to reach new heights in personal and professional life—and to basically learn to love up on themselves more. We can all use more love.


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Executive Coaching: Take your leadership to new levels by assessing and accessing your strengths, emotional intelligence and resilience. I’ll help you identify what’s working as a launchpad to shore up weaknesses and step into your best possible self at work. Learn what works in attracting, motivating and retaining top talent to your team. Create a robust vision and strategic plan to actualize your work and life balance.


“Louis has a vibrant and contagious energy about him. Equipped with an ever-expanding, research-backed toolkit for wellbeing, he creates a safe environment for curiosity and growth with every individual and institution he touches. Louis has a keen ability to listen deeply and empathetically, giving space for people to do their own individual or organizational self-assessment about where they are and where they’d like to go. I am endlessly grateful for the path Louis supported me in finding: one of resilience, self-efficacy, abundance, and love.”


– Emily Wyner, CAPP

Business Integration Manager




This opportunity is for all of us – at every level of society – to engage in personal and professional development simultaneously. Doing so is a gift that will impact our lives, our work our communities and the world. I offer a wide array of training opportunities that can be customized for one-hour, one-day, one-week or more.


Here are some options:

SOMO 101

How Positive Psychology Can Boost

Your Business or School



How Slowing Down Helps Us

Speed Up


∫ > ∑






Building High Quality



The Mindset

of Success

at Work,

for Life


The Art + Science of

Work-Life Integration

aka Peak Performance

for Busy People





Looking for an innovative talk, keynote, or professional development program that will leave your stakeholders energized, engaged, and alive?


Book Louis Alloro as a speaker for your next conference or event.


As a coach, multi-passionate entrepreneur and keynote speaker, Louis is frequently asked to share and teach his strategies on positive psychology and high performing teams with top organizations.


Presentations are customizable to relate to your mission and purpose and can be offered onsite or via webinar.


Speaking topics include:


  • Primer on Positive Psychology
  • How Positive Psychology Can Boost Your Business
  • Being Pulled By the Future: Successful People Think Differently
  • ∫ > ∑: The How & Why of Strengths Based Organizations


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Certificate in Applied Positive Psychology


Earn your Certificate in Applied Positive Psychology (CAPP).


This 6 month personal and professional journey will have you discover the science of wellbeing, success, and engagement.


The program is certified by The Flourishing Center and developed and run by graduates Martin Seligman’s Master of Applied Positive Psychology (MAPP) program at the University of Pennsylvania.


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“Louis Alloro is a masterful teacher of Positive Psychology. He made full day lectures on Saturdays playful, intriguing and something to look forward to. I’m a busy working mom but walking out of a Louis class energized me and made me look forward to the next time I would see his face. Fun,  Interesting, caring and kind; Louis made time for me outside of class and even helped me with a personal struggle. I know he’s crazy busy but he never seems to busy to talk to his students. You can’t help but love him!!  Sign up for his class now if your slightly interested. You won’t regret it.”


– Stacey Grant, Executive Producer

Become certified as a Positive Psychology Practitioner – an expert in the theory, science and application of positive psychology. Use this knowledge to help individuals, organizations and communities with enhanced positive emotions, experiences of engagement, meaning, authentic positive relationships, accomplishment and vitality.