SOMO 101

SOMO 101: How Positive Psychology Can Boost Your Business or School


Successful people think differently. They have the ability to bounce back, persevere, and make things happen, especially in the face of adversity. This training exposes participants to research and practical tools in positive psychology, the science of success and happiness and related fields like cognitive neuroscience and mind-body medicine. Participants discover how we’re genetically predisposed to negativity, the adaptive purpose of a full range of human emotion — and how switching our default habits of thinking (and being) takes intention, attention and effort. The results? More health, more wealth, better relationships and even sounder sleep.


What attendees walk away with: Choice in how they think and practical tools to increase their own wellbeing. A call-to-action as a SOcial and eMOtional leader in their social and professional networks.


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