Spiraling Upwards


20 Jul Spiraling Upwards


We are stardust Billion-year-old carbon
We are golden
Caught in the devil’s bargain And we’ve got to get ourselves Back to the garden

(Joni Mitchell, 1969)

As dynamic beings, the truth is that we change every second of everyday. Evolution is imminent too, and shaped by our own designs.

But think about it: in which direction do we move? Are we growing? Are we learning? Are we moving in “upward spirals” to increased well- being, spiraling downward to worsened states, or just jittering in place with complacency? The downward spiral is a slippery slope that is much easier to gain speed on, while the upward one takes a bit more work but is so much better—and in so many ways. What kind of movement does our environment (cultures, traditions, institutions, society) encourage?

The main question at the heart of my research has been, to what extent is “it”—life, the world, reality—just the way it is, or to what extent can a group of intentional people be proactive in the creation of a new, perhaps more positive social-cultural realities—by building strength and developing more positively directed traditions, customs, and ways of being that lead us in positive directions?


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