Super moon, super you

19 Mar Super moon, super you

As one of my childhood friends said on Facebook tonight,

Can’t help but feel the gloriously luminous supermoon is all for me. Hello Mr. Moon!

And why not? Why not think it’s all for you? Not in an ego-filled way that taps your hubris, but in a loving way that rocks your self-efficacy: the belief that you can do whatever you want to do in the world. Cause when it’s in line with your higher self, it’s automatically a win-win. The triple bottom line, baby: people, planet, and profit.

As we work on the SOMO Leadership movement in Cleveland, the thought pattern we encourage participants to carry is “I can have it all.” Why not think this? So long as you’re clear on what all is, you’re golden in taking your dream to scheme to reality.

Super moon, super you – super me – super us.  The best part of my life these days is the vantage point I have:  teaching people to have their dreams come true, as mine are simoultaneously. Wow. Huge gratitude. And lots of love.

You see, all thoughts boil down to either fear or love. Believing that the supermoon is all for you is a loving thought you choose for yourself. Try it on. I’ll choose it too. There is enough for all of us.

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