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A gift from friend Meghan (Meghan D. Bickel, CAPP). One morning, in 2015, when i work up and walked down to my sidewalk. It felt so good to get this surprise message.

26 Jul Volunteer event July 29 in Philly #pospsy #changeagents

On Saturday, July 29 we will convene for a volunteer event that will leave you and an anonymous recipient feeling especially charged.  Our task will be to leave messages on sidewalks -- with chalk and by simply leaving greeting card messages in "random" locations around the city. Our mindful creation, filled with love, will certainly find their way to the right recipients. One morning, in 2015, I woke up and walked down to the first floor of my building and onto the sidewalk — where I stumbled into the chalked gift above. It felt so good to receive this surprise message, which I later learned...

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27 Jan My Philosophy of Education (Written in 2000 – with good implications for NOW)

I wrote this as I was applying for high school teaching jobs in the spring of 2000. It's my philosophy of education. The piece was inspired by teachers I have had, so is totally a co-creation of  ideas from teachers to students to teachers to students. Yes, this is still is my philosophy. I believe there are good implications for how this can be used in the world today. ...

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29 Mar The Birth of a Brand: www.louisalloro.com

Ladies and Gentleman, may I please humbly and appreciatively introduce you to my new home on the interwebs: www.louisalloro.com. Putting together a brand is damn hard work, especially when it’s a personal brand and especially when your life is your work. (Note: I am not living only to work; I navigate work & play quite nicely.) The truth is, though, I’ve been called to do what I do. Seriously. It’s a crazy feeling—to be called to your work; to be a part of something larger than yourself. It’s like participating in a theatrical production where everyone has a role to play on...

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09 Mar Still a few spots left in CAPP PHL – begins 3/12

Still a few spots left. We start next Saturday, March 12. Join me for a wild and crazy ride through the science of human nature and behavior. Learn what motivates human behavior – inspired action – love – relationships – neurochemical connections – engagement – flow – meaning – vitality! Scientifically informed tools and strategies in a spiritual experience. ...

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10 Oct Friend of Dorothy: Character Strength in The Wizard of Oz

  Bringing Positive Psychology Home: There’s No Place Like It   “In these days of wars and rumors of wars, haven’t you ever dreamed of a place where there was peace and security, where living was not a struggle but a lasting delight?” (Capra, 1937) Louis J. Alloro   Submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements for                                             Character Strengths & Virtues, MAPP 701 Positive Psychology Center University of Pennsylvania   January 21, 2008  Friend of Dorothy I have always been a “friend of Dorothy” (even before I knew what it meant, or, was comfortable with my own gayness) so watching The Wizard of Oz through a positive psychology lens was a real...

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29 Aug Light of the Day: “YA GOTTA WANNA” Anonymous note on a fridge magnet

by Işık Taçoğlu on Thursday, March 15, 2012 at 5:59am ·  Between June 28-29,2011,  I was at the "Engaging Leadership with Positive Psychology" Workshop which was a joint event by The Mason Institute for Leadership Excellence of George Mason University, Navitas Education and  IMETAC Education (My Company). This is the first time the concept of positive psychology was  introduced to the Turkish Management in terms of leadership and I must admit that  it was an honour to be a part of this.  In this seminar, Louis Alloro (one of our beloved facilitators then,now a great friend and a colleague), told us about a fridge...

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