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16 Nov Special section of CAPP in Midland MI starts in January

NEW YORK, NY – The Flourishing Center (TFC) now offers its top-rated Certificate in Applied Positive Psychology (CAPP) program in Midland, Michigan beginning in January. CAPP draws a unique and diverse cohort of participants: educators, wellness and fitness coaches, entrepreneurs, business leaders, HR professionals, organizational and leadership development specialists, everyday citizens and more. All participants are social-emotional leaders or change-agents who have influence on others. The program is rigorous in content providing participants with cutting-edge research in applied behavior change science, cognitive neuroscience, mindfulness, contemplative studies and mind-body medicine. The program is designed to support the Midland county initiative “Together-Forward-Bold: An exceptional...

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29 May Life at mid-30s

Here I am, now at 34 – my second mid-decade as an adult and I must say, there’s a tinge of existential crisis similar to what I felt at 25. 30 was easy, 30 was fun. But 24-26 was a time I remember feeling really crazy-in-the-head especially in regards to my professional life. What was I doing as everyone else around me was working their ways up their professional ladders? It’s similar to what I’m feeling now for my personal life. As people (now increasingly so in my world) get married and settle down, why am I still single? THEN I spent a majority...

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21 Sep I’m baaack!

Phew. Wow. What a challenge the past month and a half has been. Have lived the teeter of a downward spiral that left me fast asleep to some of the awarenesses of my higher self. Totally in a pity party and helpless to some extent. Alone. Depressed even. [See past few--and sporadic posts on here for confirmation.] But I'm back. With a smile. In flow. On my game. And boy, does it feel good. As challenging as some of it was, though, I can see some value of "going there" - reminded me that 'thinking your way out' is not always the...

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