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16 Nov Special section of CAPP in Midland MI starts in January

NEW YORK, NY – The Flourishing Center (TFC) now offers its top-rated Certificate in Applied Positive Psychology (CAPP) program in Midland, Michigan beginning in January. CAPP draws a unique and diverse cohort of participants: educators, wellness and fitness coaches, entrepreneurs, business leaders, HR professionals, organizational and leadership development specialists, everyday citizens and more. All participants are social-emotional leaders or change-agents who have influence on others. The program is rigorous in content providing participants with cutting-edge research in applied behavior change science, cognitive neuroscience, mindfulness, contemplative studies and mind-body medicine. The program is designed to support the Midland county initiative “Together-Forward-Bold: An exceptional...

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24 May Join Louis at TEDxCheltenham!

Change Agents turn their passions into actions that further the greater good, inspiring others to do the same. The locally, regionally and nationally recognized speakers at the inaugural TEDxCheltenham will deliver their ideas worth sharing to our community as we co-create a bright future. For more information, click here. For tickets, click here.  ...

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05 Jan How to Make 2017 a Success (Strategies Supported by Science)

Research shows that about 40-some percent of Americans typically make New Year’s resolutions, yet less than 10% are successful in achieving their desires. Here are some tips to be successful and sustainably so: Start with the end in mind - - What do you want to be thinking and feeling next December as you reflect back on the year? Take the time to imagine how it would be if you accomplished all of your heart’s desires. Consider your career, health, finances, romance, family, friends, community, fun and personal growth. If you need a writing prompt, try this: What do I hope to...

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June 21 First Day of Summer

01 Jul Strategies for a Successful Summer

This is a piece I wrote for the faculty of a school I've been working with to instill positive education principles and practices. The message is for anyone who wants to have a mindful season. Here we are at the precipice of summer, a great time to bloom and flourish. Just look outside! I encourage you to do what Dr. Barb Fredrickson, a leading researcher from University of North Carolina says about “prioritizing positivity”—a strategy for incorporating daily doses of intentional wellbeing-building into your life, just as you would eat daily portions of fruits and vegetables. Positive emotions serve as nutrients, too,...

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28 Jul Why Social Connection is So Important

My youngest nephew Max is getting ready to leave for college. The other day, I overheard my sister telling him, “Everyone gets homesick.” Maybe we all know the heartache that comes from homesickness? Or the agony of bereavement? Or the pain of being shunned from the crowd? This is part of the hard lifestuff that positive psychology tools and strategies can help us navigate. According to research by Cacioppo & Patrick, loneliness is a subjective state. “Feeling lonely does not mean that we have deficient social skills. Problems arise when feeling lonely makes us less likely to employ the skills we have.” In...

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28 Jan Recent Press – Is Philadelphia the Happiness Capitol of America?

http://www.phillyvoice.com/philadelphia-happiness-capitol-america/ Is Philadelphia the optimism capital of America? The science behind happiness WELLNESS PSYCHOLOGY PHILADELPHIA MENTAL HEALTH LIFESTYLE HEALTH BY JOANN GRECO  PhillyVoice Contributor Philadelphians are a notoriously disgruntled lot, right? Actually, the City of, well, Brotherly Love (and Sisterly Affection) is an optimistic hot-bed of positive thinking research. That’s thanks to the happy presence of Dr. Martin Seligman, a Penn professor and the director of its Positive Psychology Center (PPC), and his merry band of cohorts. The author of titles like "Authentic Happiness" and "Learned Optimism," Seligman called for a re-examination of his field in 1998 while serving as the head of the American Psychological Association. Promoting what he termed “positive psychology,” he asked practitioners...

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17 Jan Mindfulness is more than meditation in the morning

This piece was first published on Positive Psychology News Daily. The alarm goes off in the morning. You may think: I didn't get enough sleep last night. I am super excited to start the day. Most people, whether they are conscious of it or not, think (a) “I didn’t get enough sleep last night” as they hit the snooze button for eight more minutes of sleep. In fact, it’s a thought like this that causes an action of inaction which keeps you staying in bed, missing your workout, and being late to work. Further, this thought of “not enough” is the first in a slew of...

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07 Jan Synchronicity, serendipity – When you know you know!

Look what I just found - (somewhat randomly) - an email I wrote to Martin Seligman in 2007, right after I read the article in The New York Times (featuring Todd B. Kashdan) that first exposed me to Positive Psychology. I knew right then and there that Sunday afternoon standing in my apartment in Montclair, NJ that pos psych would be a big part of my life's journey and work. I wrote this email to Marty Seligman just days later. The synchronicities continue -- that article from the NYT was published 8 years ago TODAY. And I am now affiliated with Todd and others at theCenter...

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01 Dec Here’s a pic from my talk with Watson University students

[caption id="attachment_1440" align="alignright" width="600"] Here's a pic from my talk at Impact Hub Boulder last month. I was addressing social entrepreneurs, some from Watson University, on the PoPP (Power of Positive Psychology). On the screen is one of my fave quotes: “The illiterate of the 21st century will not be those who cannot read and write, but those who cannot learn, unlearn, and relearn.” (Alvin Tofler, Future Shock, 1971)[/caption]...

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